Natural Options For Eliminating Planters Warts

Published: 11th June 2010
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The most useful solutions for planters warts need to remove the roots of the wart. As long as they are still there, the wart will proceed to get bigger and get increasingly painful to walk on. A holistic remedy can help minimize the discomfort, get rid of them and as a result, prevent them from infecting anyone else.

One of the best home made remedies can be found right in your own home. Mix a paste about the consistency of glue by combining 1 part baking soda with 2 parts castor oil. Place a lot of this paste on top of the wart, then protect it with a bandage. You can even use a piece of cotton, and secure it with tape. Repeat three times each day. Shortly before bedtime strip off the top layer of dead skin by rubbing it with a pumice stone, and then apply the paste. This will eliminate them in approximately two weeks.

A simple yet effective home cure that works quite well for planters warts is apple cider vinegar. You can take two approaches to this. Put a cotton ball drenched in vinegar over the wart and tape it on using duct tape or something similar. You can take it off during the day if you think it is necessary. Once the wart turns black, it will fall off by itself.

After 2 or 3 days of putting vinegar on the wart, scrape off the top with a knife. The little black dots you will see are the roots of the wart. Eliminate the skin around the roots with a needle, and get rid of them one at a time with a pair of tweezers. The wart will totally cease to exist when you take out the last black root.

These are a couple of very easy techniques to eradicate planters warts. At the beginning of the day lick your finger with your own saliva and put it on the wart. Repeat this faithfully every morning and it will vanish.

This approach is the second simplest planters warts alternative. A little girl had plantar warts on her foot and it was very unpleasant for her to walk. Her mother took her to the medical professional and was amazed at the doctor's suggestion. He told her to put peanut butter on the bottom of her foot and cover the warts with it. Then she was to get her outside and let the dog lick it off. According to this doctor, the dog's saliva kills the roots of warts. Well, the girl thought it was a lot of fun and laughed the entire time. The remarkable thing was, it actually worked!

Doing away with planters warts by getting them frozen off or cut out in surgery is not really a pain free procedure. There is also a healing interval after this, and the worst thing is, they will likely keep coming back. To eliminate your warts once and for all, use a natural planters wart treatment method. It is guaranteed to do the job!

Next, find out more about how to get rid of planters warts and get more natural warts remedies.

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