Tips For Keeping Freshwater Angelfish In Your Aquarium

Published: 12th April 2010
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Starting an aquarium can be a great adventure when you stock it with freshwater Angelfish. These fish have great personalities and make beautiful additions to an existing or new aquarium. Most people choose one of the Pterophyllum scalare varieties, but there are many different varieties from which to choose. When you are looking for the perfect fish for your tank you will have a wide array of colors and markings from which to select your fish.

When they are well cared for, Angelfish will live up to ten years. The Marble Angelfish is a beautiful silver and black fish that grows to six inches in length and often lives longer than ten years. Some of the fish will change colors depending on their age or mood.

It is important to select your fish with the idea that you will have it for several years. Many people enjoy their fish so much that they begin breeding them. These are exceptionally easy fish to care for and have very unique personalities that will bring your aquarium to life.

When you are going to add these fish to an existing tank, it will be important that you get three or four Angels and put them in the tank together. Angels are very social and more comfortable when they are in a group. In addition, they enjoy space and like to swim around so the bigger your tank the better. A breeding pair of Angels in a 20 gallon tank will be sufficient, however for healthy living, they will require a larger tank.

Since Angels are one of the most popular types of fish for aquariums, almost all pet shops carry them. There are also dealers on the Internet that sell Angelfish. In order to properly stock your tank, it will be important that you watch how the fish interact with each other. Just like people, some Angels are aggressive and some are timid. The fish have quite distinct personalities that you want to make sure will complement the fish you have in your existing tank.

It is less likely that your Angels will nip or eat the other fish in your tank if they are all raised together as juveniles. At a year old, your Angels will reach maturity and begin to breed. At this age they will pair off and become more aggressive. Angels are very protective parents and will protect a corner of the tank aggressively when they pair off. At this stage of development, it will be necessary to either move your slower swimmers to another tank or separate your breeding Angels from the rest of the group.

Talking and chatting with people who have experience with freshwater Angelfish will be very helpful. You will be able to get the details, tricks, and tips that you need to raise healthy and happy fish. Talking to people who have established tanks and are breeding their Angels will also be helpful when you are looking for accessories to add to the tank to make it more comfortable for parents and fry.

Next, find out more about freshwater angelfish and how you can breed and care for them in your tank.

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